Latest Automation & Control Products

Harmonic Drive Presents New Miniature Gearhead, the CSF-2XH

  • Harmonic Drive

Harmonic Drive LLC, a leading provider of precision motion control solutions, is proud to announce the release of its CSF-2XH mini gearhead designed for servo and stepper motors.

Softing's ARM Compatibility Expands Application Range of edgeConnector Products from the Company

  • Softing Inc.

By using container technology, edgeConnector products provide a simple and secure way to integrate production data into Industrial IoT solutions.

BRESSNER Technology Announces TOUCAN PRO II Premium Panel PCs

System integrator BRESSNER Technology has announced the TOUCAN PRO II Premium panel PCs featuring Intel Core processors of the 12th generation and Intel® Iris Xe graphics card.

Microchip Introduces Its First Automotive-Qualified 10BASE-T1S Ethernet Devices

  • Microchip

The LAN8670/1/2 family of Ethernet PHYs simplifies architecture to connect low-speed devices into a standard Ethernet network.

FCI's Accurate, Reliable FLT93 Switch Provides Flow or Leak Detection in Nuclear Plants

  • FCI - Fluid Components International

The FLT93 Switch from FCI provides dependable critical equipment protection and plant integrity validation that makes it Ideal for use in a wide range of nuclear power plant flow, level and temperature measurement applications.

Oriental Motor Offers Electric Gripper EH Series 3-Finger Type Ideal for Gripping Irregular Shaped Objects

  • Oriental Motor USA Corporation

Oriental Motor USA is pleased to announce the release of the new electric gripper EH Series 3-Finger Type.

Neugart Calculation Program Configuration Tool Reliably Leads to Most Energy-efficient Gearbox-motor Combination

  • Neugart USA, LP

The Neugart Calculation Program (NCP) configuration tool reliably leads to the most cost- and energy-efficient gearbox-motor combination.

Honeywell Offers the DG Smart Sensor, an Innovative Solution for Optimizing Combustion Systems

  • Honeywell IAC

Engineered to elevate efficiency and reliability in combustion systems, the DG Smart Sensor combines precision monitoring with digital communication for the industrial and commercial sector.

Siemens Presents SIMOTICS S-1FS2 Servomotors for Food, Beverage, Sterile Packaging and Pharmaceutical

  • Siemens

The product's stainless steel housings are suited to high standards of hygiene and cleanliness; three sizes to 2kW (2.68 hp) power range and up to 14 Nm (10.32 ft-lbs.) torque.

Conta-Clip's 360° Crimp Tools Provide Precise and Safe Crimping of Wire-end Ferrules

The new, easy-to-use 360° crimp tools from Conta-Clip provide precise and safe crimping of wire-end ferrules according to DIN 46228 up to 16 mm² conductor cross-section.