Ignition-Ready Hardware by OnLogic

  • September 06, 2023
  • OnLogic
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Ignition-Ready Hardware by OnLogic
Ignition-Ready Hardware by OnLogic

OnLogic hardware and Inductive Automation’s Ignition® software are an ideal combination for SCADA solutions and automation projects. With our wide range of industrial hardware systems, you can easily select the perfect platform for your specific Ignition deployment. 
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OnLogic hardware, combined with Ignition software by Inductive Automation, makes it easy to get your SCADA solution up and running, and keep it running reliably. Whether you need a gateway device for factory automation management, a panel PC for an HMI solution, or reliable hardware for any other Ignition deployment, we can help you configure the right platform with the capabilities, processing power and I/O you need. Additionally, our hardware ships with an optional 5 year warranty, because we know how important the long-term success of your industrial installation is to you.
To make your hardware selection process simple, our seasoned solutions architects and applications engineers have curated a product portfolio to tackle the varying complexities of automation deployments. Below you will find our Ignition product portfolio mapped to Ignition software solutions and applications.

Inductive Automation use-cases: Ignition Edge & Server

Our portfolio of hardware solutions for Ignition Edge and Ignition Server is mapped to a scale of increasing demand for the number of tags, connected HMI clients, database changes, and connected devices.
Small architectures

These systems are ideal for most Ignition Edge and small Ignition Server applications.

  • FR201 - Raspberry Pi Industrial IoT Edge Device
  • CL250 - Ultra compact fanless edge gateway
  • HX310 - Fanless Industrial computer
  • K410 - Compact rugged computer
Medium architectures
These systems are well-suited as on-site Ignition Servers
  • HX401 - Compact industrial computer
  • HX511 - Fanless Edge Computer
  • K800 - High Performance Rugged Computer
Large architectures
These systems are an ideal option for use as Enterprise Ignition Servers  

Inductive Automation use-cases: Perspective & Vision

Touchscreen HMIs If you are looking for a solution with even more processing power, take a look at the D210-11KS and the CV-P2102. Both offer up to Intel Core™ i5 performance. The CV-P2102 also provides a wide operating temperature range from -20° to 70C.

Standalone displays and control rooms

Our portfolio of products for standalone displays and control room applications is broken down into three hardware groups. These groups are based on the number of screens you need to drive from each system and the environmental conditions in which the system will be operating.
1-2 Displays with 0-50°C operating temperatures
  • CL250 - Ultra compact fanless edge gateway
  • HX310 - Fanless Industrial computer
3+ Displays with 0-50°C operating temperatures
  • HX310 - Fanless Industrial computer
  • HX401 - Compact industrial computer
1-2 Displays with -40-70°C operating temperatures
  • K410 - Compact rugged computer

Expert Guidance - We're Here to Help

We know that every application has a unique set of challenges, so our team is here to help. From initial consultation and onboarding, to after-purchase hardware support, our OnLogic technology experts are available to help you find, configure and deploy the ideal Ignition hardware solution.
Shop online or work with one of our hardware experts. Have questions about software imaging, prototyping, testing, certifications, branding or lifecycle management? Connect with us to learn more about our full suite of OEM services.

The Benefits of OnLogic Ignition-ready Hardware 

With the proven reliability of OnLogic hardware, you can count on your mission critical data to be there when you need it. Using MQTT, data is synced across devices and properties with no need for a centralized server. As a result, you are in control of your information, and your facility, from anywhere.
Protect the performance of your SCADA deployment with solutions designed for reliability in environments that would damage or destroy traditional hardware.. They can be installed where you need them, including manufacturing facilities and remote locations.
Our industrial Ignition-Ready hardware features fanless thermal management integrated into the chassis. Passive cooling reduces the ingress of dust and debris common to traditional fanned gateways, and minimizes moving parts to increase overall reliability. Wide operating temperatures, wide DC power input ranges, and resistance to shock and vibration increase your deployment options.

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