Industrial-Grade Supercapacitor for Redundant Power

  • September 08, 2023
  • Premio Inc.
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Industrial-Grade Supercapacitor for Redundant Power
Industrial-Grade Supercapacitor for Redundant Power

Premio’s ECO-1000 EDGEBoost EnergyPack

Introducing Premio’s ECO-1000 EDGEBoost EnergyPack, designed to enable configurable power redundancy at the rugged edge for the most mission-critical applications that deploy industrial computers, displays, and panel PCs. The ECO-1000 empowers automation-focused infrastructure setups with an extra level of power efficiency and redundancy.

The ECO-1000 Series EDGEBoost EnergyPack is an industrial-grade supercapacitor tailored to re-define power backup redundancy for industrial computers and HMI displays during mission-critical computing deployments in unstable operational technology deployments. The ECO-1000 empowers automation-focused infrastructure setups with an extra level of power efficiency and redundancy. In the event of power loss or instability, the ECO-1000 is designed to effectively provide sufficient redundant power to initiate a safe shutdown for data loss prevention and corruption.  


Key features of the ECO-1000 Energy Pack

Modular Plug and Play Unit
The ECO-1000 comes as a modular, plug-and-play unit that allows for quick replacement and upgradability to reduce maintenance costs. Available in two versatile configurations, system integrators have a choice between 8x (with 100W power output) or 16x (with 200W power output) supercapacitors.

3 Intelligent Power Modes
Engineered for mission critical deployments, the ECO-1000 Series is configurable with 3 Smart Modes for intelligent power management. The smart modes leverage the ignition control, remote power on/off, and electrical sensors in the ECO-1000 to determine redundant power when it matters most. The ECO-1000 also has an embedded logic on its MCU that can utilize its DIO ports to enable additional monitoring from the computer when sensors are connected.

Interactive GUI for Remote Management
Streamlined management meets user-friendly convenience with an interactive GUI that enables remote management and monitoring by connecting effortlessly to a display through the ECO-1000's USB or COM ports. An optional LCM module delivers further onsite monitoring and management

Built Rugged. Built Ready.
Growing edge-native deployments push new requirements on OT to IT infrastructure for ultimate reliability, 24/7 functionality and power redundancy for mission critical automation. The ECO-1000 EDGEBoost EnergyPack is engineered to pair with ruggedized computing solutions in the harshest settings where traditional battery performance is unreliable due to environmental challenges.
  • -25oC to 55oC Wide Operating Temperature
  • 20G Shock/5G Vibration Resistance
  • Over Voltage/Current Protection
  • Reverse Protection

Certification ready
The ECO-1000 Series brings ultimate safety and reliability with UL Certification, complying with UL 62368-1 Ed. 3. Additionally, the energy pack is also EN50155 certified for deployment in railway applications. The ECO-1000 empowers system integrators with a robust, mission-critical energy solution that ensures redundant power and safety for many key markets and applications, including:

  • Industrial Automation
  • Rugged Edge AI
  • Intelligent Transportaion/Railway Solutions
  • Security and Surveillance

To learn more about the ECO-1000 Supercapacitor Energy Pack and how it can empower your edge computing solution, please visit Premio Inc.

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