Measurement Uncertainty, Fifth Edition

  • November 01, 2021
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Measurement Uncertainty, Fifth Edition
Measurement Uncertainty, Fifth Edition

By Ronald H. Dieck
An entire course, as well as an excellent desk reference, this edition presents students and professionals in engineering and science with a comprehensive tutorial of measurement uncertainty methods in a logically categorized and easy to use format. What is new? 

  • More detailed examples of uncertainty computation
  • Discussion of new uncertainty technologies in U.S. and international standards, and their strengths and weaknesses
  • A discussion of the rationale for the choice of the uncertainty model, ISO or ASME
  • An abbreviated approach to uncertainty estimation
  • An improved accumulation of the important equations in uncertainty analysis
This edition also focuses on:
  • Basics of the measurement uncertainty model
  • Nonsymmetrical, systematic standard uncertainties
  • Random standard uncertainties; the use of correlation
  • Curve-fitting problems
  • Probability plotting
  • Combining results from different test methods
  • Calibration errors
  • Uncertainty propagation for both independent and dependent error sources
The author draws on years of experience in the industry to direct special attention to the problem of developing confidence in uncertainty analysis results and using measurement uncertainty to select instrumentation systems.

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